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Bolted and Bonded Joints
Main Window of Bolted and Bonded Joints Software
Main window of single-lap multifastener bolted joint
Fig 1( BBJ software)
Fig 2 (Single-lap multifastener bolted joint)
Average stress failure criterion dialog box
Output results in tabular form
Fig 3 (Avg. stress failure criterion dialog box)
Fig 4 (Output of results in tabular form)

BBJ Bolted and Bonded Joint Software aids in the analysis of single lap, double lap, bolted and bonded joint and multi-fastener bolted joint analysis.

  • A PC-based software for stress analysis & strength prediction of composite joints
  • Ability to analyze single lap and double lap bolted and bonded joint and multi fastener bolted joint configurations
  • Windows based graphical user interfaces
  • Low analysis time requirements
  • An efficient tool for preliminary design and optimization of composite joints
  • Predicts the joint failure load and mode of failure for bolted joints
  • Plots stress distribution in the bolted and bonded joints
  • Interactive help sessions for executing various modules
System Requirements for BBJ
  • IBM PC and compatibles; CPU: Pentium processor
  • Memory: 8MB required, 16+MB recommended
  • HDD space: 20MB minimum
  • Display: VGA or SVGA
  • FDD: 1.44MB 3.5"
  • OS: WINDOWS 95

Ordering Information

BBJ Complete Software Package
BBJ Software on 3.5" Diskette
10% of original cost for technical support from AdTech Systems Research, Inc.
Discounted price for academic use
Price: $495

Special Offer
All six packages (BBJ, BRAIDS, FESAP, ALTRAC, LAMONA, PVESSEL) can be purchased as a bundle at a special price of $1995.

BBJ Demonstration Software Kit
BBJ Demo Software on 3.5" Diskette
Price: $50
(Price of demonstration kit will be credited toward purchase of complete package)

AdTech expressly disclaims any warranty for the software demo product and in no event shall AdTech be liable for any damages what so ever arising out of the use this AdTech product.

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