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Bolted Bonded Joints
Bolted and Bonded Joints
Main Window of Bolted and Bonded Joint Software
Fig. 1 (Main Window of Bolted and Bonded Joint Software)

Bolted Joints Modules

  • Plate with a hole
  • Single-lap bolted joints
  • Double-lap bolted joints
  • Single-lap multifastener joint
  • Double-lap multi-fastener bolted joint

Bonded Joints Modules

  • Single-lap bonded joint with similar adherends
  • Single-lap bonded joint with dissimilar adherends
  • Double-lap bonded joint

BBJ (Bolted and Bonded Joints) is a user-friendly Microsoft WindowsTM based software for analysis and design of composite bolted and bonded joints. The analytical approaches and computational algorithms, developed and validated by the aerospace industry over the years under DoD sponsorship, form the basis of BBJ software. Due to the low analysis time requirements the BBJ software package is an efficient tool for use in the design and optimization cycle of bolted and bonded joints utilizing composite materials. Figure 1 displays the main window of the BBJ software showing the eight design modules of various bolted and bonded joint configurations. BBJ is a menu-driven software package allowing one to open existing work files or create new ones, define geometrical dimensions of the joint, select material(s) of adherends and adhesive or fasteners, select a strength prediction criterion, compute results and display them in convenient tabular or graphical form. The software provides an easy to recognize color-coded visualization of adherends, adhesive and fasteners with an in-built material database and a laminate library. Other aspects of the BBJ software are demonstrated below.

Material Database

Figure 2 illustrates the common material database dialog box which stores the hygrothermoelastic properties and ultimate strengths of various metallic (isotropic) and non-metallic (monotropic and orthotropic) materials. The user has the option to modify any or all of these properties and create and store material properties for additional materials.

Material Database Dialog Box
Fig 2 (Material database dialog box)
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