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Main window of single-lap multifastener bolted joint
Fig 1 (Main window of single-lap multifastener bolted joints)

Single-Lap Multifastener Joint

Figure 1 shows the main window of the single-lap multifastener bolted joint design module. The sub-tasks such as input of joint dimensions, planar location of bolts and holes in the jointed plates, and selection of material for plates and fasteners can be easily done from this main window.

Laminate lay-up dialog box
Fig 2 (Laminate lay-up dialog box)

Laminate Stacking Sequence

Figure 2 illustrates a convenient way to input the stacking sequence (or orientation of each ply in the lay-up) of a laminated composite plate. The option to make symmetric laminates reduces the time required to input the data. Also, the direct accessibility of material database from this dialog box makes it easy to incorporate any material change in the future analysis.

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