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Output of results in tabular form
Fig 1 (Output of results in tabular form)

Presentation of Design Results

BBJ software provides the user with three different ways to look at the computed results. Figure 1 shows the tabular form of presentation of computed failure loads for a multifastener bolted joint. The mode of failure at each bolt location is also shown in this case. Figure 2 shows an x-y graph of the calculated stresses and the stresses along the bondline in a bonded lap joint. A color-coded legend bar which corresponds with the color
coding of upper and lower adherends and adhesive makes it easy to add or delete a particular stress component. Further, one can view multiple x-y plots on the same screen and print them out for making reports. In addition, one can always view the ASCII text version of the computed results and print them out.

Output of results in x-y form
Fig. 2 (Output of results in x-y graph form)
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