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BRAIDS ( Analysis of 2-D Braided Composites)

Braids(Analysis of 2-D Braided Composites)

This program can be used by engineers for braid selection and preliminary design of two dimensionally braided composite structures. It is based on simple geometric models developed to predict the local fiber orientation, thickness and fiber volume fraction in components made from 2-D braids. The program also predicts the jamming angles for the selected braid using the braid parameters that can be obtained from braid manufacturers. The software can be used in its current form to predict the variations in properties in simple straight and bent structures. The spatial variation in effective properties of the composite (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Shear Modulus and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in all three directions) are calculated using the concentric cylinder model and the geometry based analysis

Braids(Analysis of 2-D Braided Composites)

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