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AdTech Systems Research Inc
Stealth Crutch
Crack Track
Bolted Bonded Joints
Salient Features

Salient Features

System component board

  • Accurate and more convenient compared to visual tracking of cracktip using pigments, whiteout or videography
  • Crack propagation vs. time data is recorded automatically thus eliminating the need for manual conversion of crack location using any visual method
  • Independent of geometrical dimension and material characteristics of the specimens
  • Continuous measuring signal
  • Rapid and simple linear calibration between the voltage signal and crack location
  • Operates at low voltages thus avoiding any safety hazards
  • Requires no maintenance and thus very cost effective
  • Complete documentation and usage support provided

Crack Locator Gage

  • Provides accurate reading even with high loading rates.
  • No alteration to the test specimen required.
  • The crack gage is bonded to the specimen using the inbuilt adhesive film – no need to perform tedious soldering.
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