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Graphite Composite Forearm Crutch (GCFC)
Stealth Forearm Crutch
  • 90% Quieter
  • 60% Lighter
  • 20% Stronger
  • Not cold as metal
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Longer life - outlasts aluminum 20 to 1
  • Custom fit
  • Lower life time cost
  • Space Age Composite Material Design
  • Based on Air-Force Developed Composite Technology (using Graphite Epoxy Composites)

Strength and Durability Tests

Air Force has done both static and fatigue tests on the compostie forearm crutch.

  • The maximum weight of 715 pounds can be applied in the axial direction to the handle of one of these crutches.
  • Fatigue tests were conducted for cycles equivalent to 8.7 years use of crutch with no apparent damage to the crutch.

Ordering Information

Stealth Forearm Crutch
Price: $495 + tax (7%) + shipping and handling ($15)

Supply the height h1 (ground to top of the handle) and length h2 (top of the handle to middle of the cuff). see figure attached.

Measurements for the stealth forearm crutch

Stealth Cane

Price: $195 + tax (7%) + shipping and handling ($15)

Supply the height h1 (ground to top of the handle).

  • Tax is only applicable to Ohio
  • Delivery will be made between 2 to 4 weeks after placing order
Crutch Cuff
Crutch Cuff
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Crutch Bottom
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