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Another facet of services offered by AdTech is in the area of environmental programs. An example of this is the hazardous materials (HAZMAT) program we designed, implemented, and managed for the Aero Propulsion and Power Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. It proved to be an effective program which successfully passed a number of audits. The program was designed to effectively manage, monitor and control all hazardous materials from the time they entered the directorate until they were either consumed or turned in for disposal. Many aspects of the HAZMAT program were computerized and thus made information readily available at one's fingertips. The program included control and organization of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), bar coding, site-specific spill codes and procedures, a material transfer system, etc. While this has been a relatively minor aspect of our total business, we have acquired some capabilities and resources, and plans are in place for further expansion in this and other areas of environment related activities.
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