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Free Edge Stress Analysis Program

Free Edge Stress Analysis Program

FESAP is an interactive application that does stress analysis of symetric composite laminates containing free edge. This application can be used to study the free edge effects in composite laminates.

FESAP performs the following operations:

  • Analyzes symetric laminates, including hybrids
  • Has a material library for convinient computations
  • Determines the ply stresses caused by an extensional strain
  • Has capabilities to consider the thermal loads
  • Calculates and plots the interlaminar stresses at various ply interfaces
  • The theory used in the evaluation of the interlaminar stresses does not contain any singularity at the free edge. The stresses determined tend toward exact with finer subdivision of ply thickness

Characteristics of the software

  • The stresses determined are for only one loading case (uniaxial applied strain)
  • The program does not analyze unsymetric laminates
  • The maximum number of layers is ten in half thickness of symmetric laminate.

Price: $495

Special Offer
All six packages (BBJ, BRAIDS, FESAP, ALTRAC, LAMONA, PVESSEL) can be purchased as a bundle at a special price of $1995.

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