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Laminate Optimization Netting Analysis Program

Laminate Optimization Netting Analysis Program

LAMONA is based on a new design method of minimum weight composite laminate for multiple loads. A Netting analysis approach is used to develop an optimization procedure. It conducts point stress analysis of composite laminates, including hybrid constructions.

  • LAMONA has a library of material properties for composite materials. Essential properties for the code are longitudinal tensile and compressive strength, longitudinal modulus, and density of material
  • Only inplane stress resultants are considered
  • No more than 20 loadings are allowed
  • The code calculates parameters of optimum structure such as orientation angle, thickness and material of each ply, and weight per area. Additional information consists of applied forces in laminae and laminate strains for each loading
  • Three ply orientations are enough for the optimum laminate. The optimum ply thickness is defined as maximum value among tensile loadings. Optimum ply orientations are determined by using a method of feasible directions
  • Graphic capability provides configurations of the laminate with optimum ply thicknesses and ply orientations. All loadings are also shown on the screen.

Price: $495

Special Offer
All six packages (BBJ, BRAIDS, FESAP, ALTRAC, LAMONA, PVESSEL) can be purchased as a bundle at a special price of $1995.

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