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S. Subramanian, I. Kizhakkethara, S. R. Soni and D. Allen


A progressive damage model which includes damage modeling at micromechanics, laminate and component levels, is described in this paper. This model can predict the response of metal matrix composite (MMC) components under combined thermo-mechanical loading. Analysis at the component level is performed using a commercially available finite element software package, ABAQUS. The laminate level analysis is performed using the classical lamination theory and micromechanics modeling using the concentric cylinders model. The micromechanics model considers the effects of interfacial debonding and matrix plasticity. An iterative scheme was used to estimate the effective material properties (including damage) in each element of the finite element mesh of the MMC component. A number of MMC components including a cladded ring, 3rd and 4th stage compressor blade-assembly were analyzed. Results indicate that the local stresses are significantly altered by damage in an MMC component. The predicted response of a cladded MMC ring also appeared to match well with experimental results.

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