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Som R. Soni, Mike Camden, Mark M. Derriso


Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are potential high temperature materials for high performance propulsion and airframe systems. National Aero Space Plane (NASP) and IHPTET programs have helped develop a wealth of data in the understanding, characterization and life prediction of MMCs. This investigation provides simple approaches to predict the response characteristics of quasi-isotropic SCS-6/Ti-15-3 composites with 33% fiber volume fraction. Both micro and macro mechanics models are used to predict the ply properties and laminate properties. Bearing strength predictions are made by using BBJ[1], BJSFM[2] and ASCA[3]. The input data for these computations is given in reference [4]. In micro-mechanics computations the difference between the rule of mixture (ROM) and n-directional stress and strength (NDSANDS) models on effective laminate properties is within the experimental properties scatter. This research work is a part of the in-house effort of AFRL/VASM, and specific plans for conducting the tests for validation of predictions are in place. A boundary value problem representing a single lap bolted joint is solved using BBJ[1]. Pin loaded hole laminate specimens were tested with geometric parameters shown in Figure 4. A preliminary testing of a set of specimens shows a good agreement between experimental and predicted results. Both the load of failure and the mode of failure are accurately predicted.

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