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Technical Services Offered By AdTech Systems Research,Inc.
AdTech Systems Research,Inc. provides technical support in the following areas
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Computer science and engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering

AdTech’s largest contract demonstrates our ability to manage and conduct multidisciplinary (electrical, electronic, civil, mechanical, instrumentation, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) technical efforts on a large-scale across all five (5) AFRL directorates at Wright-Patterson AFB. This contract is the second A-76 cost study program awarded to AdTech to perform work previously done by Air Force employees. The contract effort encompasses (1) Logistics Materiel Control Activity (LMCA), (2) R&D technical support (technicians), (3) facilities management, (4) displays and graphics support, and (5) technical information (library/STINFO/technical editing) functions for the Air force research laboratory(AFRL),Air Vehicles(AFRL/VA),Human Effectiveness(AFRL/HE),Materials and Manufacturing(AFRL/ML), Propulsion(AFRL/PR), and Sensors and Information Technology Directorates(AFRL/SN) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Program tasks include, design, build, and installation of specialized devices, equipment, test systems, facilities and structures; test article installation and instrumentation; testing support services; cost analyses, cost/performance trade-off analyses, feasibility analyses, performance specifications, purchasing, outsourcing of materials, specialized equipment and services; PMI/PME; regulatory compliance support, HAZMAT, computer aided drafting and design, configuration management and document control, maintenance, fabrication, assembly, system safety, quality assurance, requirements determination, long-term reliability and maintainability, program/project management, operation, and Logistics Material Control Activity (LMCA). AdTech has responsibility for the Human Effectiveness Directorate’s (HE) LMCA program, including equipment accounts, assistance with inventories, shipping, storage, and intra-organization transportation services.

AdTech is involved in providing quick response, short-term, engineering and technical services (design, build and install) in support of research laboratories. These services include: technical assessments, research and development engineering for unique requirements including designs and analyses, computer programming, systems safety assessments, research documentation, and research and development equipment modification, and installation and repair. Tasks are of a unique or highly specialized technical nature. Performing operations and maintenance AdTech provides intermittent and quick response test facilities support, and fabrication support including engineering, design, drafting, modification, fabrication, testing, material control, data entry, and documentation services in support of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in-house Aero Propulsion and Power Directorate, Turbine Engine Technology Branch programs. These nonpersonal services are at times highly specialized in nature and are required in order to insure timely completion of the various turbine engine compressor tests in the Compressor Research Facility (CRF). The total effort includes technical assessments; research and development engineering for unique requirements including designs and analyses; computer programming; systems safety assessments; documentation and property inventory; research and development equipment installation, modification, repair, and maintenance.

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