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Pressure Vessel Design Software

PVESSEL Pressure Vessel Design Software aids in the design of pressure vessels with constraints on stiffness and strength. It uses a netting analysis approach to develop an optimization procedure, including hybrid constructions.

  • The code calculates parameters of optimum structure such as second layer orientation, thickness and material of each layer, and weight of the pressure vessel. Two layer orientations are enough for a minimum weight pressure vessel
  • Input inner pressure, cylindrical length and diameter, and allowable changes of lengths in longitudinal and hoop directions. Also input orientation angle of the first layer, for it forms the vessel's dome
  • Minimum lamination weight is determined from the condition of the active execution of two constraints. Optimum second layer orientation is determined by the method of the gold section
  • Graphic capability provides configurations of the pressure vessel with optimum thickness and layer orientation

Price: $495

Special Offer
All six packages (BBJ, BRAIDS, FESAP, ALTRAC, LAMONA, PVESSEL) can be purchased as a bundle at a special price of $1995.

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